We hope you'll find these comments about our nursery useful...
"Thank you for providing such a great childcare setting for little ones!
We have been with two other nurseries in the past and the standard of care at Cherry Trees far exceeds the others. The routine and structure offered here is very much in line with what we practice at home, and there appear to be good learning and development opportunities through play. Staff are always professional and approachable, and managed the recent refurbishment in a very organised manner. Very impressive! They also take the time to build good rapport with the parents, making communication really easy.
The biggest satisfaction for me is the feedback my little one gives me! He is fond of the staff, the friendships he has formed and the activities he completes in the day - construction and art table being his favourite. He has only been attending Cherry Trees for about six-seven months but he settled in so well and so quickly. It’s nice to see him feel comfortable at nursery.
Cherry Trees was a recommendation from a friend, and I am so pleased we decided to go for it."
“I just wanted to say a big thankyou!  My children have loved every minute in your nursery and because it’s such a great place, I had no problems settling them in!  The staff are fantastic and the atmosphere is lovely. Thank you so much!”
Alishah & Shahzaib's mummy

“Thank you for making my time so special at Cherry Trees.  I will miss you a lot. Lots Of love. ”      
Karenza (parent)

“Without your help and support we couldn’t have done it better!  During her nursery days these months we have seen Nishi developing from a bud to a beautiful confident sprout… now with all her qualities developed from Cherry Trees she will shoot up and become a plant. ”
Nishita’s mum and dad

“Thanks very much for taking such lovely care of Saloni and of course Saatvik before that. We are going to miss all of you very very much …. and all the smiles and attention.  Cherry Trees has always been a second home for both Saatvik and Saloni and we are sure they will always remember their nursery with lots of fondness. With love. ”
Sundeep & Sanzla

“Thank you for allowing me to work at the nursery.  I have gained a lot of experience and skills and can truly say I have enjoyed my time here!  The staff here are amazing at their job and I have learnt a lot through their individual roles. So once again thank you for this great opportunity. ”
Amina (a work experience student who loves us too!)

“Cherry Trees has been like a second home to Ashton. We would like to thank you all for looking after him and teaching our child such wonderful things.  It is a great relief that there are nursery teachers like all of you.  We are so grateful for all that you have done over the last few years. ”
Aston's mummy and daddy
“Oliver has enjoyed his time at Cherry Trees and has met lots of lovely people. He has benefitted greatly from attending the nursery.”    
Oliver & Sharon
“Thank you very much for all your support and love and care, and a special thanks to Sue and all your staff for being there for Adith. Adith has always loved being in your nursery.  Even during weekends he would insist on us taking him to the nursery.  We are extremely happy that he has had a wonderful time in the nursery. ”
Adith's mum Priya, & dad Krish
“A big thank you for looking after Isher. He has been with you since he was 9 months old and now he has become a 'big boy'.  He has learnt a lot from you all.  Thank you for always supporting me when putting in discipline and manners.  I pray to god he gets the same love , attention and affection from his teachers at big schools as he has from you all.  Thank you once again. ”
Suki & Savvy
“We would like to thank everyone at Cherry Trees for their support for Chloe and ourselves.  You have guided Chloe and ensured that she is ready for the next stage in her development at her next school. She has always been given the opportunity to just be a child and have fun in all she does.  Thank you again for everything.”      
K Randall
“Thank you for all the support you have given to Jake in the past year.  He had a fantastic time in the nursery. In fact he has not stopped talking about all the people in the nursery for the past month. ”
Jake's mum, Jennifer

“The children are happy and form close bonds with kind, friendly and caring staff. A well-embedded key-person system ensures that children's care needs are successfully met. This promotes children's emotional well-being and good health.”
OFSTED Report August 2015
"The leadership and management are outstanding, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment are outstanding, personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding; and outcomes for children are outstanding.

Each child's needs are monitored and planned for in exceptional detail. The safety and protection of children is given the highest priority. Detailed information is gathered from parents when children first start at the setting, and each time they change rooms. This ensures that staff have a fully rounded understanding of each child's needs. This information is used highly effectively; staff plan meticulously to ensure all children make rapid progress from their starting points ……. children are happy, relaxed and fully absorbed in exciting activities. Key staff, that the children know well, move with the children to help them settle in. This high level of concern for the children's well-being underpins all of the nursery's teaching. This ensures that children have secure foundations for future learning.
Staff are excellent role models. Their polite and respectful relationships, both with each other and the children, ensure children know how to behave well. Staff use puppets and masks depicting emotions to help children understand and manage their feelings. The baby room has a calm and soothing atmosphere. Staff speak gently to babies, providing reassurance and highly sensitive support. The well-planned rooms and the outside area are very well resourced, creating an inspiring environment for children. Children are highly motivated and keen to investigate all that is on offer. As one child said, ‘it’s good to get messy!’
There are many exciting opportunities for children of all ages."
OFSTED Report July 2016