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May 1, 2018



I CAN (helping children communicate)

We have been working with the I CAN charity since the end of 2017 to further enhance our support of children’s developing communication skills. We have delivered training to our staff in the Pre-School to support them to introduce a programme called “Early Talk Boost” which is a well-recognised approach to support children’s speech, language and communication. This approach sits well with our own philosophy and enables us to work naturally with children to help them in this area rather than forcing the issue through overly directed adult intervention.

Over this coming year we will embed the Early Talk Boost programme and then introduce support tools for working with our younger children too called “Babbling Babies” and “Toddler Talk£ and we will be developing a Parent Workshop which we will deliver for all those families who are interested in learning more, with tips and ideas for you to try at home.

Further information can be gained by speaking with our Pre-School Room Leader or Nursery Manager / Deputy Manager and from the I CAN website: https://www.ican.org.uk/